Removes vellus hair and dead skin cells on the face.


The purpose of dermaplaning is to remove the vellus hairs and dead skin cells on the face. Vellus hairs can also be known as peach fuzz. The vellus hairs are very difficult to see and may only appear in certain lights or magnifying mirrors. Everyone has these fine vellus hairs coating our bodies, and they are meant to keep us warm as well as adding a layer of protection to the skin. Some people’s vellus hairs are thicker and more visible than others and they may wish to have them removed. The dermaplaning procedure requires a medical-grade scalpel specially designed for the face to gently remove the top layer. The regrowth of vellus hair remains the same density, therefore it will not return thicker or darker. There is minimal to no downtime for this treatment.
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Chemical milk peel

Restore skin radiance & stimulates the epidermis

Chemical Milk Peel Benefits

Chemical Milk Peel treatment restores skin radiance and stimulates the epidermis, improving loss of skin tone whilst having a smoothing softening effect on the skin. It is also excellent for boosting the actions of your daily cosmetics. Recommended for skin with fine lines and wrinkles and dull/tired complexions.

Clinical findings

We only use quality products at Indulgentia; Dermaceutic Milk Peel & Monuskin Monoplus (vegetarian/vegan friendly)

  • 92% of clients skin was more luminous after 2 treatments
  • 3% of clients said their skin was more even and more radiant after 3 treatments
  • 100% of clients showed a significant improvement in frown lines roughness after just one treatment

Usage & benefits

Chemical Milk Peels are used for:

  • Fine line reduction
  • Skin lightening
  • Sebum (oil) regulation
  • Acne/Spot treatment
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